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When dreaming of the ideal job, do you imagine yourself impacting the lives of potentially millions of people, nationally and internationally, earning an executive salary, balancing family life with a professional career all while in the comfort of your own home? If you want it all, Broadcast Captioning & Consulting Services (BCCS) could be the place for you. BCCS employs steno captionists who translate the spoken word into captions on a TV screen for the benefit of the deaf and hard-of-hearing using a steno machine and special software that converts the steno into English at speeds up to 280 wpm with an accuracy of 98.5% and greater. It is a position that is challenging and rewarding and requires extensive skills.

BCCS is looking for qualified captionists who possess;

  • an Associate's or Bachelor's Degree from an accredited NCRA Shorthand Reporting School
  • Broadcast captioning experience preferred
  • Certification preferred, but not required
  • Must write at a Translation Accuracy Rate of 98.5% consistently
  • Conflict-Free Theory
  • The captionist must be punctual, dependable, flexible, possess a team attitude and willing to adapt to last-minute changes to programming, an industry that runs 24/7/365
  • Possess, update and maintain extensive job dictionaries
  • Possess stamina, concentration and endurance for commercial-free and/or intense programming
  • A professional attitude
  • Extensive knowledge of world events (past and present), sports, business and entertainment.

BCCS is dedicated to providing the deaf and hard-of-hearing communities with the highest quality captions through its Caption Quality Control programme, randomly monitoring and maintaining the high level of skill of its captioners. If you are a court report, CART writer or freelance reporter interested in becoming a broadcast captioner. BCCS offers training to those individuals who meet training standards. If you believe you are ready for training and would like to take the next step in your career and join the BCCS team, please email your resume and a 15 to 20 minute news file an .rtf or .txt format to Christina Ricci, General Manager, at

Captionists are independent contractors who must provide their own equipment, costs of maintaining equipment, satellite and phone lines.


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